Cecilware Frozen Drink Machines

Cecilware Frozen Drink Machines
Product Description

A leading foodservice equipment manufacturer since 1911, Cecilware offers top quality frozen drink machines. Cecilware delivers the best quality equipment using the finest materials. At Cecilware, Quality control is the most important aspect in manufacturing products. Before delivery of equipment, each piece of equipment is tested to ensure top working performance.

Cecilware’s range of frozen drink machines include Arctic - Bubbler Style Dispensers with Deluxe Series, Economy Series, and Compact Agitation Series with excellent features for dispensing fruit punch, lemonades, iced tea, iced cappuccino, iced coffee, and fruit juice. Granita equipment with MT and Giant Series contain MT Manual Fill, MT Auto Fill, MT Mini and Giant having various models with smart features for dispensing frozen cappuccino, fruit slush, smoothies, sorbet and much more.

MT Mini is the world’s smallest granita / frozen drink dispenser.  It is small in size, but big on features.  It is perfect for low volume locations and home use. The giant series is larger and faster. It is more powerful than similar style dispensers. If you require high volume dispensing, the "MT" Giant Series is a perfect choice for you. With proven technology, the Magnetic Drive System and New Refrigeration System, MT Giant Series is the best choice.

At totalequipco.com, we provide smart shopping of the world’s best product range. Contact us to ask about or purchase any of the full line of Cecilware Frozen Drink Machines.


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