Cornelius Frozen Drink Machines

Cornelius Frozen Drink Machines
Product Description

IMI Cornelius offers a complete line of frozen drink machines. For more than 40 years, Cornelius has been a pioneer in providing the best beverage solutions that have maximized customer satisfaction. Cornelius offers a full line of high performance frozen beverage dispensers. Cornelius’ range of Frozen Beverage Dispensers includes Carbonated, Visual Carbonated and Uncarbonated frozen machines with different models. Our newest line of frozen carbonated beverage dispensers has an efficient, high capacity refrigeration system and a revolutionary intelligent defrost feature which maximizes output and pours a perfect quality drink every time.

These top quality frozen drink machines have a high capacity refrigeration system and an innovative defrost feature that keeps you up and running during peak demand periods. The result is impressive drinks that retain their form perfectly without collapsing. More efficient refrigeration systems decrease power requirements and provide less operating noise with a faster defrost cycle.

At, we provide the best quality frozen drink machines. Contact us for more details about Cornelius Frozen Drink Machines.  

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