Hoshizaki Icemakers

Hoshizaki Icemakers
Product Description

Hoshizaki is a name that represents quality in commercial kitchen equipment. They specialize in ice machines and refrigeration products. Hoshizaki is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice machines. They offer a wide range of Icemakers that make different types of ice for different uses for various industrial sectors. Hoshizaki ice machines are reliable and come with the unique hallmark of quality that is associated with Hoshizaki.

Hoshizaki offers various models of icemakers for making cube ice, cubelet ice, crescent ice, flake ice, scale ice and ice dispensers with models suitable for various applications from small cafeteria to large industry. Hoshizaki ice machines are originally designed by considering the needs of a global market. Even in a humid environment, Hoshizaki ice machines achieve outstanding levels of efficiency.

Hoshizaki has a special range including IM Series for Cube Ice, FM Series for Flake Ice, KM Series for Crescent Ice and DCM Series for Cubelet Ice. Their top quality ice machines produce exceptionally hard, crystal clear ice cubes. These ice cubes melt very slowly and give the pleasure of a chilled drink for longer.

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